Krav Maga’s method is not a random set of self-defense techniques. There’s a logic that has been elaborated by the founders of the art. Check out this Krav Maga flow chart that explains everything you need to understand to get out of most of the situations.

If you have any comment or suggestion, please feel free to share your point of view on the matter in the comment section. This Krav Maga flow chart is in its first version. It’s meant to be improved over time with your participation.

Krav Maga flow chart


Here’s a little explanation on this Krav maga flow chart.

Assess the situation

The first thing to do is to assess the situation. What is happening ? Who’s involved in the situation ? Are you the only one in danger or is there someone too ? What is the level of danger ? Is you life at risk or just your stuff ?

Can you avoid the situation ?

Once you know what’s really happening and of course if you have time to, can you find a way to get out of this situation ? First rule of self-defense is to always stay out of trouble. Don’t try to provoke anyone, don’t try to act tough or anything. If you see a group of people acting strangely in the street don’t take a chance, change sidewalk or itinerary. Avoid walking alone in the street by night in districts known for being dangerous or if you can’t always choose to a crowded route.

Can you your aggressor what he wants ?

If you can’t avoid this situation, you will have two choices left : act or obey. What’s at stakes here ? An aggressor is threatening you with a knife, he’s asking you our wallet. Now ask yourself the following question : how much are you willing to pay to stay alive ? or in reverse : is your wallet really worth risking your life ? You may be a black belt in Krav Maga, you have no insurance of winning the fight. You don’t know who is against you. If you’re unlucky he¬†will be a boxing champion, if you are, he’s gonna be some random person. But that was an easy situation. Now imagine the aggressor only has one thing in mind : raping you. He’s dragging you into a hidden place. Are you really going to follow him ? Once you’re in that place no one will see you nor help you. Are you gonna act or obey ? One last situation you can imagine : you are walking in the street late in the evening as a couple. A group of person comes to you. They seem all very strong and armed with a weapon. You don’t stand a chance against them and you know it. But now they take your partner aside to abuse him or her. And now same question : are you gonna act of obey ? It’s a tough choice to make for all these situations, even the first one. A wallet is easy to give, what about your car you just bought ? What’s the most important here is to think about this before the situation really happens because you won’t have the time to make the choice. Prepare yourself for this while you’re at home, safe.

Can you hit him in the groin

Now you’ve decided to take action. In Krav Maga when you decide to start the fight, you don’t stop until the threat is gone. What comes next depends on you aggressor. If he’s not armed, then you unleash all the rage and the determination you have in you. As Krav Maga taught you, you try to aim for the weak spots. Most of the Krav Maga techniques lead to kicking the groin for good reasons :

  • First, the great majority of people are not immune to a kick in the groin and will be in a lot of pain if you reach target.
  • Secondly, the groin is a much easier target than this eyes or the throat.
  • Finally, if manage to reach their groin, there’s a bigger chance that your attack will be effective.

So based on all these odds, we will generally hit the groin first, and then if it doesn’t work I would adapt I go for the other weak points. But you have to be aware that this sometimes too much glorified because no one will react the same way depending on if they’re drunk, under drugs …

Is he armed ?

If your opponent is armed the structure of Krav Maga’s defenses are basically the same.

  • You get out of the line of fire if it’s a gun or the line of attack if it’s a knife or a stick. It’s the absolute priority. If you can’t manage to do this first, it won’t matter what you’re doing next because you are dead.
  • Then, if you can, you attack simultaneously.
  • Grab the arm holding the weapon in order to avoid another attack with the weapon.
  • Once this is done you can focus on attacking him with a series of attacks with your other arm and legs.
  • Take the weapon away from your aggressor then flee if you can or take care of the next threat.