Krav Maga is also a work on the mindset. Nothing best than an inspiring quote to get you back in the game or pumped up for the training.

It may be only just some words but the philophy it carries is everything. Most martial arts quotes are very traditionnal and honorful. But in Krav Maga things are very different. It’s all about survival and there’s no place for honor in it.

Check out our selection of the best and most famous Krav Maga quotes.


1. Krav Maga, so that one may walk in peace.

krav maga quote so that one may walk in peace

2. The more you sweat in practice, the less you blood in battle.

krav maga quote the more you sweat in practice

3. Krav Maga heightens perception and transforms fear into something more productive.

krav maga quote fear into something more productive

4. A master has failed more times than a beginner has even tried.

krav maga quote a master has failed

5. You must be so good so you don’t need to kill.

krav maga quote you must be so good so you don't need to kill