There is many Krav Maga federations today. Each one of them is characterized by its own fighting style and teaching method. The founders of these Krav Maga federations are Krav Maga experts who generally were one of Imi’s direct student. Some, like Richard Douieb or Kobi Lichtenstein, even received the official delegation of Imi to expand Krav maga in their own geographic area. All of them are very loyal to Imi’s teachings and philosophy. But since Krav Maga is a very young fighting art compared to other martial arts, Krav Maga federations are in constant evolution to improve their style.

Which is the best Krav Maga federation for me ?

There’s no such things as “the best krav maga federation”. Krav Maga aims at preparing yourself to all the situations that can happen to you in the real world. But of course, it’s not possible to be perfectly prepared for ALL situations. So, each Krav Maga federations are all tainted with their master and schools experiences. That’s the beauty of Krav Maga, you can always learn more.

The best way to choose the one that corresponds you the most is simply by assisting one or more classes. Krav Maga schools generally offer free try outs or the possibility to come and watch.

There is no competition is Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a survival method. Fighting competitions would be a non-sense in Krav Maga.


Most popular Krav Maga federations