learn krav maga

Why learning Krav Maga

We live in a world of insecurity. Krav Maga appears as a fast method to learn how to defend yourself. This martial art is known to be one the most efficient and easy fighting style to learn for self-defense in street fights. Of course, it is not a miraculous method that will make you invicible. But if you decide to learn Krav Maga, will also learn about self-control, confidence and analyzing skills of the situation. Although it doesn’t seem very hurtful, it might save one’s life. You will also learn how to kick someone in the groin or in his weakest spots, getting out of a choke, defending yourself against a knife, stick or even a gun.

Besides all this, Krav Maga can also be praticed as a leisure sport. It is generally accessible to all (sometimes even to children), but some classes can be more demanding then others depending on your teacher. Like most sport, it is a good way to evacuate stress and develop yourself.

Where to learn Krav Maga

There is many Krav Maga federations and schools all over the world today. Choosing which one is for you is not an easy task. If you live in a big city, there is a lot of chance that you will find one or many school of Krav Maga near you.

Be careful about the schools you subscribe to. The growing popularity of Krav Maga has come with a lot of charlatans. A good way to check the quality of the teaching is by going there to see by yourself. But if you can’t, check if the school or the teachers are attached to an official Krav Maga federation. It is generally a good sign.

How to learn Krav Maga by yourself

Some might learn Krav Maga by themselves as a last resort solution if there is no Krav Maga School around or simply if you just don’t want to join a school. Many Krav Maga methods on DVD or books exist. But be aware that it will never be as efficient as learning with real instructors. Just follow the instructions of the method. It will guide you through a learning process adapted to the fact that you are learning Krav Maga by yourself. You can also find some good videos on the internet on the most popular Krav Maga techniques. And like the first Krav Maga instructors, explore other martial arts to discover new techniques you judge efficient.

If you do so, try to find a partner to practice with. Understanding the theory is important, but practicing again and again is what will make you develop new reflexes and improve your movement to the perfection.

Krav Maga techniques

Since its creation, Krav Maga has constantly evolved. Inspired by all the other martial arts as well as developing its own techniques, this sport differs by its unusual fighting domains.

  • Boxing
  • Kicks
  • Ground fighting
  • Defense against an armed opponent (knifes, sticks, guns)
  • Fighting against two opponents or more
  • Combat with various objects
  • How to protect someone
  • Defense from the seating position, against carjacking …
  • and more …

Krav Maga is not about knowing as much technique as you can. You can’t excel at all of them. It’s important to see the different techniques that exists but what is most important is to choose between them to form your own Krav Maga style. Your experience, your abilities, your preferences are all variables that will influence your fighting style. And also, some techniques are probably more important than others to you. If you are military or civilian, a woman or a man, tall or small, will influence on your needs.