The back kick and the uppercut are kicks to defend yourself from a threat in your back. Krav Maga is self-defense method développed to counter any aggression in all kind of situations. Therefore, you have to consider that the threat can come from any direction especially in the street. If the aggressor comes from behind there are different attacks you can do: the direct kick in the back and the uppercut kick. In this article, we will talk about the uppercut kick.

The uppercut kick is a very close range attack to someone standing behind your back. It’s not a very powerful attack so it’s recommended to around if possible. It’s more like a sneak attack that creates an opportunity to escape or engage the fight.


Uppercut kick, step by step

  • Take a look at the distance between you and the target. With an uppercut kick, you want to have to aim for the groin. It is easier to look over your shoulder than under your arm.
  • Raise your leg in your back as if you wanted to touch your butt with your foot. Hit the groin with your heel or the soles.
  • Almost at the same time raise your hands at guard to protect yourself from a surrounding threat.

Exercises to practice the uppercut kick:

  • During your warm up, practice butt kicks
  • With a partner in your back, start to perform some uppercut kick. Make sure that he wears a cup. Once you’ve done a few repetitions, ask him to change position and distance between each kick.